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Shibuya Gobigabi

Shibuya Gobigabi Master From Daisuke Chiba

(It is also known as a real model of Tsunemi Chiba, a character appearing in the play of the manga "BECK." = "Wikipedia - Wikipedia -".)
In the 1980s, I was impacted by Sex Pistols, and I also cast myself into band activities as a Rocker.
In 1990 TBS tv program"Ika Ten" appeared as "Buckingham Q-den" and gained 1st fan vote.
While doing solo activities after the band is dissolved, I will perform it as a lolly shop, film appearance,offering songs to other artists, producing a commercial song and radio.
Opened Rockin 'Cafe "Shibuya GABIGABI" in Shibuya from 2005.
Beside that, I am also in charge of Vo & G at "Buckingham Q-den" "Chiba Daisuke Double Deckers". Continuing band activities regardless of fixed members, energetically endeavoring to plan events, discover newcomers, etc. to create a new movement.
Shibuya GABIGABI/GABIGABI Records/GABIGABI Movie representative.)

Daisuke Chiba HP

Shibuya Gabbabi's here is good !!

  1. Enhance the quality and quantity of events!
    ( Rock, Blues to Showa Kayo, comedy, DJ, video, fortune-telling etc. rich line up! )
  2. Live can be seen without live charge!
  3. There is no quota (selling tickets) for artists who appear!
  4. Friendly to the first customer!
  5. People who do not have confidence in arms for a while can also jump in "Open mic" and so on!
  6. Drinks are reasonable!
    • Kirin Lagar Draft 500yen ~
    • Guinness stout 700yen ~
  7. Because there are many foreign visitors, improve your English or on other languages conversation naturally!
  8. Because there are many foreign visitors, improve your English conversation naturally!
  9. Instrument free rental so you can come and play with your hands!
  10. Any genre artists will cheer anyway! ! !

We want acoustic LIve band

"Shibuya Gobigabi" is looking for an acoustic band from time to time. I do not ask genres,
but welcome artists who can make live performances that can be enjoyed by an unspecified number of customers worthy of bars and cafes. If you are interested please send the sound source (mp3,CD, YouTube...etc) profile below. There are no quotas etc. that the artist bears.

1-13-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo /Shibuya Gobigabi artist wanted